Thursday, December 23, 2010

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National Public Radio Aims to Transfer Listenership Ahead of Funding Cuts

Many of you have probably heard about National Public Radio firing Juan Williams a few weeks ago. Juan is a well spoken and thoughtful Democrat who frequently appears on Fox News. This apparent act of retribution for his involvement in Fox's programming has created a tremendous backlash against NPR with many conservatives calling for Congress to defund NPR because of thier aparent, however subtle, attack on free speech.

I was channel surfing on my FM Radio the other day when  seek button stopped on the local NPR affiliate. I had gotten tired of surfing so I gave up/ got distracted with the dial set on the local NPR affiliate. I didn't choose to put it on NPR, but that is just where it happened to be set when I gave up surfing.

The program was called "All Things Considered." You may have heard it before. It was hosted by a mild mannered apparently liberal moderator whose quiet and calming voice, I can still hear in my head. After a few minutes of not paying any attention, I somehow became aware of what was on the program, perhaps I even turned up the volume.

The show was singing (not literally) the praises of Bloomberg News and its growth in recent years. They couldn't speak highly enough about Bloomberg News and its owner, Michael Bloomberg, who also happens to be liberal democrat mayor of New York City.

They spent 20 minutes detailing the conversion Bloomberg News was undergoing, and how it was emerging as the new leader in the "hard news industry" . In truth- the "hard news industry" has been dominated, I mean dominated by Fox News in recent years and it will be a very long time before Bloomberg is able to change that, if ever.

NPR is simply trying to create the illusion among their listeners that Bloomberg is a fair and unbiased source of information the way Fox News has been for the American public in recent years. That is an absolutely rediculous assertion. The fact is that with that kind of free advertising, funded by the American public (many, if not most, of whom disagree with the agenda of Bloomberg and NPR and the rest of the socialist progressives) through NPR, any news agency would begin getting more attention.

How can we believe that a news agency being owned by politico Michael Bloomberg, would not reflect his political perspective? The fact is I have never heard them plug Fox News once. On the contrary, this program represents a promotion of a company aiming to compete with Fox. It appears to me that this is as much an act of retribution by NPR for the uprising of the people that has come about since their firing of Juan Williams for his frequent appearances on Fox News, as anything else. They know they are goign down. They want to bring Fox down with them by trying to put Bloomberg on top.

It appears that the political arm of National Public Radio sees the writing on the wall. In the coming months, they will lose their federal funding and they know it. It is with this in mind that they have chosen to use our money to tell their listeners about how great Bloomberg news is, in a prime time setting.

This is just another reason that NPR should be removed from the federal dole. It is time for congress to stop funding many, many of the agencies and departments they have been funding for years and NPR is only one of them. But there is simply no excuse for NPR receiving federal funding any longer. For years it has used its funding to promote the liberal socialist agenda. Now that we have exposed NPR for what it is, they are doing the best they can to send their listeners to Bloomberg (and other liberal media outlets, if I had to guess).

Now lets call on our faithful lawmakers in Washington and demand that they get to work with their buzzsaws cutting NPR and all of the other unecessarrys from the federal budget. It is time to down size the government, cut taxes and end this recession. There is only one way to do it and it is by using our strength to pass legislation cutting spending anywhere we can. No more pork, no more pork, NO MORE PORK! It is up to you and me to make sure this happens.

We must petition our leaders to advance the conservative agenda and pass conservative legislation. Cutting NPRs funding is just one small example of ways that we can reduce governmental spending and reduce the tax burden on he working class American families who need it most but its as good a place as any to start.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ethics Reform- Part Deux

Tomorrow begins the historic special session on Ethics Reform in Alabama's newly elected Republican Legislature. This will be Governor Riley's last hoorah and could likely determine how he will be remembered by generations of Alabamains.

We have gone from the depths of despair and what we hope will prove to be the bottom of the recession, to a hopeful moment in the history of our state that may represent the dawning of a new day in Alabama. After 136 years of Democrat control, beginning this week we will see if our newly elected legislature is serious about cleaning up corruption, or if they are just trying to bar the door on the Democrats now that they have gotten them out of town.

The burden rests squarely on the shoulders of the GOP Leadership of the Legislature and it will be these same legislators who pay the price of failure if the first act of the Republican legislature proves to be a political stunt.

Don't get me wrong, I believe that transparency in our government is a great step in the right direction. I have read the legislation and I agree that we need to eliminate gifts from lobbyists, PAC to PAC transfers and double dipping. But I am afraid these bills fall short when it comes to addressing corruption in Montgomery and local government(s) in Alabama.

The point I am getting at is this. Double dipping is being targetted in this ethics reform effort. Double dipping is when a state representative of senator collects two state salaries, one from thier elected position, and the other is from a state agency (historically these have often been no-show, two year college positions).

Now these douple dipping arrangements are being targetted by the Republicans because it has most often been the Democrats who have benefited from these double dipping arrangements. I agree double dipping needs to be addressed, but I think that the definition of double dipping is far too narrow.

The problem I have is this: Many Republicans are guilty of double dipping, but instead of taking a second state salaried position, they are often the beneficiaries of very lucrative tax payer funded contracts, which they win with limited to no competition. This should be a crime.

When our elected leaders grant themselves unfair advantage for The People's money, I can't think of any reason that this shouldn't be considered an Ethics Violation. Any time competition is limited or non existant, simple economics dictates that the tax payers are left paying more than they should be for the goods or services procured.


There is NO REASON a state legislator or any elected official should even come close to having this conflict. There are sacrifices that must be made when one chooses to serve in elected office and yes, this may be one of those sacrifices that needs to be made. "I am sorry, Mr. Elected, No, you may not have a million dollar contract on my dime just because you have duped the electorate into voting for you."

That is like buying a car without shopping the prices. Without shopping/competition the buyer will never get a good deal. Undermining competition not only takes money from the tax payers that they should never have to pay, but taking it one step further, this sort of corruption is largely to blame for our current recession. This sort of crony capitalism is running rampant in our government from Montgomery to Washington DC, the only difference is the number of zero's in the budgets and the number of victims of this behaviour. It is also a problem in county and municipal governments.

Without this sort of crony capitalist CORRUPTION, the necessary revenue for running our government could be reduced tremendously. This means the burden on every tax paying American could be lightened substantially, putting more money into all of our pockets, which we could all use.

If the appearance of impropriety becomes apparent, it will be amply clear that those involved did not run to serve. Or at the very best, they have chosen, after being elected, to pad their pockets at the expense of those they are sworn to represent. If that is not an ethical violation, I don't know what is.

Thank you for reading Southern Conservative. Please share my blog with your friends. I welcome your feedback! Thank you!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Judicial Reform and Divorce in Alabama

It is high time that in addition to ethics reform, we institute some judicial reform in the State of Alabama.

For the last two years, my wife and I have been victims of our judicial system. We have been pitted against each other by lawyers and the legal system for fear of losing our children to one another. We are not alone in this either. Many, many Alabamians have been through this very same traumatic experience. Its unfortunate, it is unnecessary and perhaps most importantly: I believe it is unconstitutional.

There is no more basic instinct in the mind of a parent than his or her desire to protect his or her children. Unfortunately, this often results in disagreements between parents in how they believe the children should be raised and the values which should be instilled in them. All to often, these disagreements ultimately materialize into what is now referred to as "irreconcilable differences".

That term is the biggest crock of shit I think I have ever heard, pardon my French, but I am more than a little bit passionate about this subject matter. This way of looking at marriage, as being soluble and able to be broken for convenience sake is damaging our country and our children beyond measure. There is no such thing as "irreconcilable differences". I can say this because my marriage has reached the breaking point, been through two years of divorce trials, and I continue to pray for reconciliation with my wife.

I have realized, through prayer, that it is not all her fault, as I once believed. In fact I now realize that if I had listened to her and valued her opinion more and respected her emotions more, then our marriage may have never gotten to the broken state that it did. That being said, God can heal all things and he continues to work in my life by changing my heart and changing my relationship with my wife as he does.

I am not saying that I am solely responsible for the things that happened. I am saying that I know I played a part and I could have been a better husband. My ability to admit my faults, opens the door to change. Hopefully we are both on this road towards becoming better people. If not, that is ok, I can only be responsible for myself and I choose to love my wife, regardless of what she has done or will do, good or bad, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, till death. That is the marriage vow isn't it?

Last time I checked, a Marriage is a vow between Man, Wife and their God. Does Government even have a place in marriage? I don't think so. I think that the state's governance of marriages is just a way to tax the people for exercising their Religion by requiring a marriage license.

Now it has gotten to the point that the judicial system has made an even bigger business out of divorcing people, once again, when the judiciary has no place in marriage (except in upholding our right to marry, and exercise our faith by doing so). The only people who benefit from this system are the lawyers, who surprisingly enough, are the ones who wrote the laws that established this system.

These divorce lawyers foster a sentiment of distrust between the husband and wife which further prevents any sort of reconciliation. They milk their clients until they cannot pay another cent. They manipulate the party's fear and turn them against each other in such a way that makes reconciliation all but impossible. They even go so far as to encourage the parties to make allegations against each other and foster conflict that can be damaging to their clients and their families for the rest of their lives.

They do this to their benefit and at the expense of countless defenseless children, whose parents have been pitted against each other in court rooms where they stand to lose what is most important to them, their children, so they feel they have no option, but to fight.

I believe it is time for the conservatives among us, to stand up to this government who has gotten out of control and is interfering with our lives and injecting itself into our religious practices, where it has no place. We must put conservative judges on the bench. I mean real conservative judges who will stand up for and protect the religious nature of marriage, not just cover their asses by letting these trials drag on and on and on, benefiting no one but the lawyers who put them in office.

For that matter, I think we should put more regular folks on the bench and into elected office. I don't think we need lawyers writing our laws anymore because historically the laws they have written have protected the members of their trade, more than the rest of us. That isn't right.

One shouldn't have to be a lawyer to be a judge or to hold any office. He should have demonstrated a commitment to justice, a sound mind and values in line with those of The People (all which can be determined by the electorate) but being a lawyer shouldn't be a requirement. The point I am getting at is this: let's put regular folks on the bench into elected office. They'll look out for the regular folks through their ruling and their governing. Allowing our state and our judiciary to be run by lawyers has only benefited one group of people: lawyers.

If you must hire a lawyer, find one or research several divorce attorneys at attorneys.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ethics Reform in Montgomery

Governor Riley has called for a special session of the Alabama Legislature to address "Ethics Reform". I think this is a great step in the right direction, but we need to make sure it goes far enough.

So far most of the items initended to be addressed pertain to lobbyists and campaign finance reform/ PAC to PAC transfers. These are definitely things that need to be addressed.

It has also been said that they intend to address "double dipping". That is good too. What I have not heard is anything about prohibiting elected officials from gaining unfair advantage to government funded CONTRACTS.

The contracts let by the state and local govenrment represent a large portion of government spending. More often than we'd like to admit, state officials wind up recieving or benefitting from these contracts. This is a different kind of double dipping, but is double dipping none the less. If they are circumventing or undermining fair competition, the tax-payers pick up the tab for the difference and that is unacceptable. It is time for it to stop.

That being said this session on Ethics Reform needs to address this situation as well as those already planned to be addressed. There is no reason an elected official or any company he or she works for in any way , or owns an interest in, should be performing tax payer funded work, without total transparency and fair competition. This is true during thier term of service as well as after thier terms have expired or they have been removed from office and it should apply to local officials just as much as those at the state level.

I know of too many instances where someone has been elected, served a term or two and has been set for life because they were able to arrange a contract for themselves after leaving office or even while still in office, all at the expense of the tax payers, whom they were sworn to represent. Now THAT is an Ethics violation and we don't need any commission to tell us so. Every human is blessed with a consience and naturally we know right from wrong. that being said, I think making every elected Joe take an ethics class is another waste of our money. People know when they are doing something wrong. Write the rules and if someone violates them, let them pay.

If the newly elected Republican Legislature doesn't address this issue of contracts being funnelled to friends and allies of the elected officials (and even the officials themselves) in its "Ethics Reform" session, we will know right off the bat that these guys are not really serious about cleaning up corruption and special interests in Mongomery. They are only serious about cleaning out thier competition for public money so that there is more to go around for them and thier cronies.
I hope that we have elected men of character who will do the right thing and address ALL of the corruption in Montgomery, not just that which exists on the other side of the aisle.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks Lay Waste to US Diplomatic Efforts

What are we going to do with this guy!? Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks website continue to undermine the interests of the United States by exposing thousands of our classified documents to the world. Simply put: if these documents were meant to be seen by the public, they wouldn't be classified.

Let me get this straight, we invest billions of our dollars and God-knows how many American lives in diplomacy, establishing and strengthening our intersts worldwide, and we are going to let this Assange character undermine it all!?! That seems assanine.

How does he get access to this information? Either somebody is disclosing it to him, or he is hacking our computers. If the former is true: we should find these people, strip them of thier rank and throw them in jail for treason! If its the latter: one would think with the immense technological expertise of the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and numerous other federal buracracies, someone could either trace the hacker, or secure our computers. Why are these things not happening?

The last quote I heard prior to the most recent leak was that by leaking this next group of documents, Assange "would have blood on his hands." Does that not make him an enemy of the state and worthy of his very own CIA operative? Can we not track him down and destroy his website? If these things are not possible I think he should be made the victim of an untimely "accident".

I know the mighty United States of America must have the resources to deal with such a problem. The fact that we aren't dealing with it properly leads me to one conclusion, however trite or cliche' as it may sound:
The Commander in Chief doesn't have the best interest of our country at heart. He doesn't have the best interest of us, the tax-paying People of the United States at heart. He wants to "level the playing field" between the United States and other nations and will do so by wasting billions of our hard earned dollars on diplomacy that will now prove to have been all for naught. These are dollars earned while away from our wives and children working to provide for our families.

Every dollar he wastes takes food off of a table and a mother or father out of a home. These dollars don't come for free. They must be earned. They are earned by parents who work jobs to provide for thier families. By working they are taken out of thier homes and away from their children, who greatly need thier influence. Oh but it gets better. The more he wastes, the more time mommy and daddy are away from thier children. Thus leaving the children to be raised by the television and other liberal media influences, influencing the development of our children's generation and indoctirinating them through liberal media and pop culture influence. Maybe this is why he is wasting our money.

All of that being said, it is time for us, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, to stand up and get motivated. For the sake of our children and thier children, we must fight against the liberalization of America. We must take up our political signs and stickers and put a CONSERVATIVE President in the Whitehouse in 2012. A conservative president would not tolerate Julian Assange undermining this country.

I hope that the president we have now will put an end to this Assange's actions very soon (one way or another). The United States can not afford for its diplomatic efforts to be wasted and we should not tolerate American lives being placed in peril because of this man's actions, and beginning today we should do whatever is necessarry to prevent it from happening again.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Countering Communism

It has concerned me lately to observe the spread of communism. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, we have seen marxist/communist doctrine now spread through Europe and over the Atlantic to the United States, to the very nation that liberated Europe from the grips of communist Germany.

I find it very interesting to observe the difference in foreign policy, with respect to the Berlin Wall and The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea. Since the fall of The Berlin Wall, communism has spread West. On the other hand, The DMZ (which is still in place today) has effectively contained Communism on the North side of it, allowing South Korea's free market economy to grow robustly in the last 50 years under capitalist system, bringing those Koreans fortunate enough to live in the Southern half of the country from the depths of poverty to a per capita income and a quality of life on par with ours here in the United States.

On the other side of the token, communism has been allowed to fester, unchecked, in North Korea and we now have a communist regime nearing the point of developing long range nuclear weapons. This is a very dangerous situation as without an open dialogue with North Korea, we do not and will not know thier intentions for those weapons and could very possibly find that there is a nuclear standoff and ultimately nulear warfare between North and South Korea, inevitably involving the United States and likely involving Russia and China on the side of North Korea.

All of this being said, I think it would be in our best interest to focus our diplomatic efforts on building relationships and dialogue between North and South Korea, with the ultimate goal being the removal of the DMZ. It is far to risky to continue to ignore the growing nuclear threat that is North Korea.
Ronald Reagan, in his infinite wisdom, knew that communism, isolated and allowed to grow without dialogue with the capitalist world would become a threat too dangerous to ignore. For this reason, he demanded that Mikhail Gorbechev "Tear Down This Wall." What wisdom and courage it must have taken to make such a demand! He knew that it had to happen. Unfortunately, there was an unintended consequence of the fall of the Berlin Wall and that is the spread of marxist ideology into Europe and ultimately into the United States.

Now that we know what has happened as a result of the fall of the Berlin wall, we must counter the spread of communism with conservative capitalist policy that will help the marxists who are promoting communist doctrine to understand that capitalism is the only way forward to a peaceful, just and prosperous future for America and the rest of the world. Communism ALWAYS results in abuses of the powers of government, taking of God given freedoms and often genocide and ethnic cleansing. We must stand up to the growth of government that leads us down this dangerous road.

I would propose a foriegn policy of open dialogue with the Eastern world and a domestic policy of fierce conservatism. Cutting govenrment spending by large percentages will bring this nation back to the prosperity that we once enjoyed. We should strive to remove the DMZ so that the North Koreans being kept in the darkness of communism, religious intolerance and poverty will have a chance to see that there is a better way.

Tuesday, November 2nd, I ask that you stand with me in promoting these policies by electing the conservative candidates on the ballot wherever you will be voting. After that I challenge you to speak to them regularly and demand that they govern by the will of the people. The people right now are asking for smaller government, more liberty, lower taxes and a return to prosperity. If we elect conservatives in this election and in those in the future, we will see our country turn back in the right direction. We will see our country revert to the policies that made America great. Finally and perhaps most importantly, the communist nations that remain in this world will take note and see the benefits of capitalism (freedom) and follow suit.

God Bless,
Daniel Dyas

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Proposed Resolution for Pro Life and Term Limiting Constitutional Reform

As Introduced

###th General Assembly

Regular Session



Sponsored by:




Applying to the Congress of the United States pursuant to Article V of the United States Constitution to call a constitutional convention for proposing amendments.


WHEREAS, The People of Alabama believe that The United States is a Country established by our Founding Fathers firmly on Judeo-Christian Principals; and

WHEREAS, The People of Alabama believe that Life begins at conception and All Human Life should be acknowledged and protected as being sacred beginning at the moment of conception and continuing on until the moment of natural, unassisted death; and

WHEREAS, The United States Congress has proven itself to be controlled to a large degree by “Special Interests” whose interests are not necessarily the same as those of the States or those of the American people; and

WHEREAS, The number of consecutive terms served by United States Senators and Members of the United States House of Representatives is not currently limited by the Constitution of The United States; and

WHEREAS, The People of Alabama feel strongly that the unlimited number of terms able to be served by United States Senators and members of the United States House of Representatives is detrimental to The People of Alabama and The People of The United States; and

WHEREAS, With each passing year, this nation becomes more deeply in debt as its expenditures exceed available revenues; and

WHEREAS, Fiscal prudence requires that certain steps be taken to control the growth of the budget and eliminate excessive deficits; and

WHEREAS, Article V of the United States Constitution requires the United States Congress to call a constitutional convention upon the application of two-thirds of the legislatures of the several states for the purpose of proposing amendments to the United States Constitution; now therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the Legislature of the State of Alabama, pursuant to Article V of the United States Constitution, hereby applies to the Congress to call a constitutional convention for the purpose of proposing to the states for ratification, amendments to the United States Constitution containing the following provisions:

First, the amendment(s) shall acknowledge that The United States is a Nation founded on Judeo-Christian principals and shall insure that The People’s God-given Right to practice these beliefs shall not be infringed.

Second, The amendment(s) shall acknowledge that All Human Life is sacred and shall be protected from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death.

Third, the amendment(s) shall establish term limits for the members of The United States Senate and The United States House of Representatives.

Fourth, the amendment(s) shall require the President to submit and the Congress to adopt only balanced budgets for all federal programs and agencies, except in times of war, in which case such deficit spending shall be strictly and unquestionably “War-Related”.

Fifth, the amendment(s) shall grant the President the authority to disapprove any item or items in any bill presented by the Congress to the President in addition to the President's authority to disapprove entire bills pursuant to Article I, Section 7 of the United States Constitution.

Sixth, the amendment(s) shall require the President to submit and the Congress to adopt budgets for all federal programs and agencies on a biennial rather than annual basis; and be it further

RESOLVED, That this application constitutes a continuing application in accordance with Article V of the United States Constitution until at least two-thirds of the legislatures of the several states have made application for a constitutional convention or the Congress has proposed amendment(s) to the United States Constitution equivalent to the amendment(s) proposed in this resolution; and be it further

RESOLVED, That, if the convention called by the Congress is not limited in subject to the amendment proposed in this resolution, any delegates, representatives, or participants from the State of Alabama asked to participate in the convention are permitted to debate and vote only on the proposed amendment(s) contained within this resolution or an equivalent amendment; and be it further

RESOLVED, That if two-thirds of the legislatures of the several states make application to the Congress to call a constitutional convention, the State of Alabama demands that such a convention be called not later than six months after the Congress receives the thirty-fourth application from a state legislature; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Clerk of the House of Representatives transmit duly authenticated copies of this resolution to the Speaker and Clerk of the United States House of Representatives, the President Pro Tempore and Secretary of the United States Senate, the members of the Alabama Congressional delegation, the presiding officer of each house of each state legislature in the United States, and the news media of Alabama.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Constitutional Convention to Adopt Term Limits and End Abortion

Our Founding Fathers were some of the greatest heros in the history of mankind. Thier courage and wisdom never ceases to amaze me. I am inspired by thier willingness to stand up to tyranny and injustice against all odds and sacrifice everything they had for the future of this country. To put it in thier words "With a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor."

Lately I have been doing alot of constitutional research and seeking to understand what our Founding Fathers would do if they found our nation in the position it is in today. My research in the past few weeks has brought me to some very encouraging conclusions regarding two things in particular: Term Limits and Ending Abortion. I know they may seem fairly unrelated, but they are similar in a way. These are two things that The People of our country are demanding and our federal governmet has here-to-for refused to abide by the wishes of The People.

We, The People, can change that through our state governments by calling for a Constitutional Convention and proposing amendments to The United States Constitution requiring term limits on congress and recognizing the sanctity of and protecting unborn human life.

It is time for The People of this country to take back control of our country and the individual states have the power and the ability to do so. It is for this reason that our Founding Fathers (God bless thier souls) had the wisdom and the foresight to give the states the right to amend The Constitution without the consent of congress.

I hereby call on my local legislative delegation, that being Senator Tripp Pittman and State Representative Joe Faust, to propose a resolution on the floor of thier respective houses, calling for a Constitutional Convention for the purpose of Enacting Term Limits on Congress and Recognizing the Sanctity of Human Life and Protecting All Americans Equally, Born and Unborn. Furthermore, I call on these leaders and The Governor of the State of Alabama, Bob Riley, to diplomatically call on our fellow State Governments to enact an identical resolution, calling for a Constitutional Convention.

It is within the power of the states to correct the problems we are facing nationally. We cannot depend on congress to fix itself. Congress will never adopt legislation, limiting its own terms. It is up to us, the states, to make that happen.

Similarly, the liberal judiciary, which has been corrupted by lifetime appointments of activist judges, will continue to allow the murder of our unborn population under the guise of "protecting a woman's right to choose". A woman doesn't have the right to choose to kill anyone but the unborn child she is carrying, why should her right to kill her unborn child be placed above the civil rights of the child itself?

It is my belief that we, The American People, do not approve of abortion. It is also a belief of mine that given the opportunity and the leadership, The States would enact Term Limits on Congress. I think these are among the most important things that our State Legislatures could be addressing at this time. For this reason: I ask that they commence to petitioning and preparing for a Constitutional Convention immediatly for these purposes.

In closing, I ask each of you who read this to contact your state legislators and ask them to propose a resolution for a Contitutional Convention, just like the one that will be proposed in Alabama, in thier respective State Legislature(s). Remind them that by doing so, under Article 5 of The United States Constitution, The States can amend The Constitution and adopt Term Limits for Congress and Recognize and Protect the Sanctity of Human Life, Born and Unborn.

-J. Daniel Dyas, Sr.- September 27, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

The KC45 and The Cost of Corruption

Mobile and Northrupp/EADS lost the KC 45 Tanker contract for two reasons:

1. Special interests running our government.

This is unfortunately the way our government works today. It must be changed. It is the cause of immense amounts of wasteful spending at all levels of government and we cannot allow it to persist. It results in higher taxes for all Americans and has countless other detrimental effects- not to mention an injustice like the loss of a $30 billion dollar contract.

Special interests gain a position in our government in several ways, but there are two that are particularly powerful. (1) Campaign contributions and (2) Lobbying.

Often corporations or PACs (Political Action Commitees) giv compaign funds to candidates. There is nothing wrong with supporting a candidate, of course. Unfortunately when a corporation an individual or PAC goves large amounts of money to a candidate for office, they often expect, and naturally the candidate feels obliged to grant them, special treatment in return. This is when the problem comes about. Whether we are talking about a company getting favorable treatment on a contract decision or an unnecessary appropriation or grant the result is still the same inequity for the tax payer- in other words: wasted tax money or pork spending, as we sometimes call it.

The truth is, it is great to support a candidate. But it should only be because you support what the candidate proposes to stand for when elected. It should not involve any expectation of quid pro quo, but unfortunately as with any investment, people naturally expect a return. In reality, once elected, the office holder should give every person in his district the same priority regardless of age, race, gender, financial status or whether or not they gave to his campaign. This rarely happens and this is why we have pork spending and inequities in government.

That being the case, it is important to educate yourself on who is funding a candidates campaign before deciding to vote for them. There is often more to the story than meets the eye.

Lobbying is also a problem. We have lobbyists circling every governmental building in the USA waiting to catch an elected official and take him to lunch or out for a round of golf so they can bend his ear, twist his arm and try to get him to do what they want him to do. These lobbyists rarely have the best interests of ALL people in mind, but they are looking out for a small group of people (this is called a "special interest group"). We have to stop letting these special interest groups run our government. In order to do so, we must reform campaign finance policy and we must restrict lobbying of our congress. I heard somebody say one "Lobbyists are like prostitutes" I dont necessarrily disagree. His opinion was that we should treat them as such with respect to the law and make it illegal for anyone to be paid to lobby. I thin this would solve the problem greatly.

2. Apparently, our folks in Washington are not doing their jobs.

Now the tax payers will get a raw deal, the war fighters will get second rate equipment and once again South Alabama will become the victim of a political vendetta inflicted by the democrats. First, Johnson shut down Brookley, now its Obama making sure that we don't win what would be one of the most important contracts to ever be let by the federal government. Anybody with any sense will vote against those bastards from this point forward. At this point it should be painfully clear (for a number of reasons) that they are not concerned with justice, but with forcing thier liberal ideology upon us.

It is the responsibility of our leadership in Washington to make sure we are treated equitably by the federal government and to have a contract of this magnitude snatched from our hands by the Chigago based politcal mob that is hijacking our country is simply an inexcusable failure on behalf of our congressional delegation. Last time I checked our storied Senator Richard Shelby was on the Senate Armed Services Committee. One would think, he could make this happen, but apparently he is preoccupied passing pork to put up building with his name on them all over the state. Even the European leadership is crying foul (not that I put much stock in their opinions usually)! Come on! They can see, from the other side of the world that Boeing and Obama are colluding to steal this contract and force an inferior aircraft upon the American Warfighter and the the American Taxpayer. Meanwhile the rest of the America isn't even paying any attention. Jo Bonner, Artur Davis, Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions and all the rest of them should be on Fox News, MSNBC, CBS (not that anyone watches those last two) and every other network telling the country about this. This is the clearest example of corruption yet!

It simply amazes me how many people will stand by and watch corruption persist in this country. It happens from the local Government here in Baldwin County all the way to Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, those who are elected to enforce the law and prevent that sort of corruption simply stand aside and watch it go on. Hey everybody (elected law enforcement officials- AGs and DAs), do you not know how much corruption costs us taxpayers? If you don't then you should. If you do then you should be doing something about it. Even if you are not able to convict the the perpitrator, you should try your damndest! These folks should be scared to even try to pass unconstitutional legislation. They should be scared to try to collude on the award of a contract. They should be getting indited for doing so. Where are the leaders with the spine to stand up to injustice? Martin Luther King was one of those leaders. I don't know that we have had one since. We need leadership. Leadership that is unafraid to stand for what is right and what is just. Unfortunately, while I fundamentally disagree with the democrats on what I believe is right and just, I still see them as having more leadership at this point in time. Because they are committed to accomplishing what they set out to accomplish and that is the continued socialization of our country until ultimately all industry is socialized and we are a communist nation.

I strive to be a leader who will challenge the liberal agenda on conservative principal. I will fight the tyranny that they are inflicting upon us to my dying day and I will not stand aside and quietly tolerate injustice and inequity! I will stand for Life and I will stand for Justice. I will begin at the Baldwin County Commission and we, here is Baldwin County, will show the rest of the country what it means to be conservative. In doing so, we will reap the benefits of conservatism. Our economy will be stronger than those in other areas, our businesses will succeed and our people will have opportunity. We must return our local government to Conservative principals for our economy to stand a chance of survival. There is not a recovery going on. I know it because I see what is happening. The new year always brings with it a surge of new activity. This year the surge is substantially more mild than it has been in years past. All of the new jobs are being created in government and for every government job created there are two lost in the private sector. We must get back to conservatism and get back to it fast. If we don't our businesses will continue to fail, our jobs will continue to be lost, our homes to be foreclosed and our futures to grow more bleak.

Elect me to the Baldwin County Commission. I will be a strong voice for conservative principals. I will not tolerate corruption or special interests and I will expose them every time I get an opportunity. I will be YOUR voice on the Baldwin County Commission and I will always remember that it is supposed to be: "the Government of the People, by the People and for The People!" we need leaders who remember this, understand what it takes and have the courage and fortitude to stand up for our beliefs.

I am running for you, for your wife and your children, for your Mom and your Dad and your Aunts and Uncles. That is what I mean when I say "for The People". I am running for office to stand up for what WE believe in. Please vote for me June 1. Spread the word. Contribute any amount to the campaign (so long as it is less than $1000). Every contribution makes a major difference. Please visit my website and make a paypal contribution to the campaign. Help me win and let me be your voice in the County Government!

Thank you for reading this post, I welcome your feedback!

God bless you and your family,
Daniel Dyas

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