Monday, March 22, 2010

The KC45 and The Cost of Corruption

Mobile and Northrupp/EADS lost the KC 45 Tanker contract for two reasons:

1. Special interests running our government.

This is unfortunately the way our government works today. It must be changed. It is the cause of immense amounts of wasteful spending at all levels of government and we cannot allow it to persist. It results in higher taxes for all Americans and has countless other detrimental effects- not to mention an injustice like the loss of a $30 billion dollar contract.

Special interests gain a position in our government in several ways, but there are two that are particularly powerful. (1) Campaign contributions and (2) Lobbying.

Often corporations or PACs (Political Action Commitees) giv compaign funds to candidates. There is nothing wrong with supporting a candidate, of course. Unfortunately when a corporation an individual or PAC goves large amounts of money to a candidate for office, they often expect, and naturally the candidate feels obliged to grant them, special treatment in return. This is when the problem comes about. Whether we are talking about a company getting favorable treatment on a contract decision or an unnecessary appropriation or grant the result is still the same inequity for the tax payer- in other words: wasted tax money or pork spending, as we sometimes call it.

The truth is, it is great to support a candidate. But it should only be because you support what the candidate proposes to stand for when elected. It should not involve any expectation of quid pro quo, but unfortunately as with any investment, people naturally expect a return. In reality, once elected, the office holder should give every person in his district the same priority regardless of age, race, gender, financial status or whether or not they gave to his campaign. This rarely happens and this is why we have pork spending and inequities in government.

That being the case, it is important to educate yourself on who is funding a candidates campaign before deciding to vote for them. There is often more to the story than meets the eye.

Lobbying is also a problem. We have lobbyists circling every governmental building in the USA waiting to catch an elected official and take him to lunch or out for a round of golf so they can bend his ear, twist his arm and try to get him to do what they want him to do. These lobbyists rarely have the best interests of ALL people in mind, but they are looking out for a small group of people (this is called a "special interest group"). We have to stop letting these special interest groups run our government. In order to do so, we must reform campaign finance policy and we must restrict lobbying of our congress. I heard somebody say one "Lobbyists are like prostitutes" I dont necessarrily disagree. His opinion was that we should treat them as such with respect to the law and make it illegal for anyone to be paid to lobby. I thin this would solve the problem greatly.

2. Apparently, our folks in Washington are not doing their jobs.

Now the tax payers will get a raw deal, the war fighters will get second rate equipment and once again South Alabama will become the victim of a political vendetta inflicted by the democrats. First, Johnson shut down Brookley, now its Obama making sure that we don't win what would be one of the most important contracts to ever be let by the federal government. Anybody with any sense will vote against those bastards from this point forward. At this point it should be painfully clear (for a number of reasons) that they are not concerned with justice, but with forcing thier liberal ideology upon us.

It is the responsibility of our leadership in Washington to make sure we are treated equitably by the federal government and to have a contract of this magnitude snatched from our hands by the Chigago based politcal mob that is hijacking our country is simply an inexcusable failure on behalf of our congressional delegation. Last time I checked our storied Senator Richard Shelby was on the Senate Armed Services Committee. One would think, he could make this happen, but apparently he is preoccupied passing pork to put up building with his name on them all over the state. Even the European leadership is crying foul (not that I put much stock in their opinions usually)! Come on! They can see, from the other side of the world that Boeing and Obama are colluding to steal this contract and force an inferior aircraft upon the American Warfighter and the the American Taxpayer. Meanwhile the rest of the America isn't even paying any attention. Jo Bonner, Artur Davis, Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions and all the rest of them should be on Fox News, MSNBC, CBS (not that anyone watches those last two) and every other network telling the country about this. This is the clearest example of corruption yet!

It simply amazes me how many people will stand by and watch corruption persist in this country. It happens from the local Government here in Baldwin County all the way to Capitol Hill. Meanwhile, those who are elected to enforce the law and prevent that sort of corruption simply stand aside and watch it go on. Hey everybody (elected law enforcement officials- AGs and DAs), do you not know how much corruption costs us taxpayers? If you don't then you should. If you do then you should be doing something about it. Even if you are not able to convict the the perpitrator, you should try your damndest! These folks should be scared to even try to pass unconstitutional legislation. They should be scared to try to collude on the award of a contract. They should be getting indited for doing so. Where are the leaders with the spine to stand up to injustice? Martin Luther King was one of those leaders. I don't know that we have had one since. We need leadership. Leadership that is unafraid to stand for what is right and what is just. Unfortunately, while I fundamentally disagree with the democrats on what I believe is right and just, I still see them as having more leadership at this point in time. Because they are committed to accomplishing what they set out to accomplish and that is the continued socialization of our country until ultimately all industry is socialized and we are a communist nation.

I strive to be a leader who will challenge the liberal agenda on conservative principal. I will fight the tyranny that they are inflicting upon us to my dying day and I will not stand aside and quietly tolerate injustice and inequity! I will stand for Life and I will stand for Justice. I will begin at the Baldwin County Commission and we, here is Baldwin County, will show the rest of the country what it means to be conservative. In doing so, we will reap the benefits of conservatism. Our economy will be stronger than those in other areas, our businesses will succeed and our people will have opportunity. We must return our local government to Conservative principals for our economy to stand a chance of survival. There is not a recovery going on. I know it because I see what is happening. The new year always brings with it a surge of new activity. This year the surge is substantially more mild than it has been in years past. All of the new jobs are being created in government and for every government job created there are two lost in the private sector. We must get back to conservatism and get back to it fast. If we don't our businesses will continue to fail, our jobs will continue to be lost, our homes to be foreclosed and our futures to grow more bleak.

Elect me to the Baldwin County Commission. I will be a strong voice for conservative principals. I will not tolerate corruption or special interests and I will expose them every time I get an opportunity. I will be YOUR voice on the Baldwin County Commission and I will always remember that it is supposed to be: "the Government of the People, by the People and for The People!" we need leaders who remember this, understand what it takes and have the courage and fortitude to stand up for our beliefs.

I am running for you, for your wife and your children, for your Mom and your Dad and your Aunts and Uncles. That is what I mean when I say "for The People". I am running for office to stand up for what WE believe in. Please vote for me June 1. Spread the word. Contribute any amount to the campaign (so long as it is less than $1000). Every contribution makes a major difference. Please visit my website and make a paypal contribution to the campaign. Help me win and let me be your voice in the County Government!

Thank you for reading this post, I welcome your feedback!

God bless you and your family,
Daniel Dyas

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