Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Presidency of the United States of America

Dear Friend:

I have declared my candidacy for the Presidency of the United States and I am hereby
asking you to help me as I seek to lead a revolution to take back our government from
the special interests that have been manipulating it for their benefit, at our expense,
for too long now.
The central tenet of my campaign is respect for the life of all Americans, regardless of
their age. This idea is central to the founding of our country and central to the very
principal of civilization that every person’s life is of equal value and deserves equal
protection under the law.
I believe that life begins at conception. The person, formed at conception is just as
deserving of protection and just as important as you, or me. For 42 years now, our
country has allowed a policy of a quiet genocide, whereby over 60 million Americans
have died at the hands of abortionists. It is time that we end this American tragedy.
My election will end abortion once and for all. I will only qualify for the Office of
President, by measuring my life from Conception, not from birth, and by winning
the office, I will irrefutably define Life, as beginning at conception, overturning
Roe v Wade and abolishing abortion.
Economically speaking, we must create opportunity for all Americans to better
themselves and create prosperous future for themselves through diligence and hard
work. My tax proposal will do exactly that. It is called the “Five Year New Income Tax Holiday”. Just as its title says, it will establish a five year holiday on any new income
realized by any American above and beyond that which they have earned in the baseline income year. This policy will encourage hard work and diligent pursuit of economic advancement for all Americans, equally.
President Theodore Roosevelt was a man who I deeply admire. He was convinced that
the government sanctioned monopolies of the railroads must provide equal benefit to
all Americans. At a time when US Steel and Standard Oil Company were able to buy all
of the freight at wholesale rates, making it unaffordable for a small business owner to purchase freight from the railroads, President Roosevelt demanded that the “little man”
be treated fairly by the railroad who had regulated monopolies. The modern healthcare market is similar. While the vast majority of healthcare services are being purchased by
a large provider such as Blue Cross or United Healthcare at deeply discounted rates, an uninsured individual can not walk in a receive the same healthcare services for the same prices as these government regulated monopolies. That is not right! The individual
citizen should certainly receive the same prices for his services as the government
regulated provider, just the same as the small business should have been given
affordable freight rates when US Steel and Standard Oil were controlling the freight
I have proposed a foreign policy of partnering with our allies around the world, and
then with the moderate leaders in Middle East, who are working to create a peaceful
and prosperous future for their people, such as King Abdullah of Jordan, to defeat ISIL
and the radical terrorist ideology of islamic jihadism once and for all. In order to do so,
we must attack them militarily and build the economies of our allies through trade so
that the people of those nations will begin to understand how working with the
United States is good for them, their families and their countries.
For years, I have advocated a more protectionist trade policy. In some cases, we should
levy tariffs on the exportation of raw materials and duties on the importation of finished goods. This would encourage the manufacturing sector to grow domestically, which is
critical. Free Trade has had devastating effects on the manufacturing sector and the
working class in the United States of America. Free trade policies have given economic advantages to many foreign nations, at the expense of the American People. This must change. If we are going to participate in free trade in the future, we must demand that the other parties tot he contracts, have equivalent environmental and labor regulations to those in the United States.
I propose to use the “bully pulpit” of the Presidency to force Congress to act to declare
public homosexual acts illegal. The radical homosexual agenda is becoming more and
more prevalent. Many Americans do not want to have the homosexual lifestyle pushed
on them by the media and the homosexual activists and we are being forced to suffer
what we consider a very vulgar conduct, which is spreading through our culture in a
very concerning way. I propose to end this by declaring it illegal to engage publicly in
homosexual conduct on the grounds that such conduct is a threat to the culture and
the very well being of our nation.
I propose to pay off the debt by downsizing the federal government and unleashing
the productivity of the American People. I will eliminate major departments in the
federal government, including the EPA, Department of Education and the
Department of Energy. These bureaucracies are a tremendous waste of American
taxpayer dollars, they are costing us billions to operate, which we do not have, and
the States, are quite capable of handling the regulatory responsibilities of each of
them. I will work with Congress to systematically defund these departments and
agencies and demolish the buildings in which they are housed. These buildings
will be replaced with lovely parks which will significantly improve the beauty of our
nation’s capitol and will significantly reduce the burden it puts on the backs of
American workers and businesses. These parks will be protected in perpetuity by Conservation Easements, which will be given to various land trusts.
I will close the IRS. The responsibility for tax collection will be remanded to the
states or to private companies, in the event the states will not agree to participate.
I am convicted by the principal the the Constitution gives the federal government
very limited responsibility. I will be guided by my love of God and my respect for
the Constitution, for which so much has been sacrificed.
I will build our military and make it the preeminent power in the world again. I will
equip our soldiers, sailors and marines in such a way that they will never be put into
harm’s way without the very best equipment that money can buy. I will never put
them into harm’s way without knowing what the goal is, what it means to win and
how we can win. I will not go to war without a declaration of war from Congress,
unless war has been declared upon the United States or any of our allies, in which
case, I would leverage our assets to defeat those who threaten us as swiftly as possible.
We should double the number of ships in our navy in ten years, increase our
intelligence presence around the world and once again strengthen our defense system
to the most powerful the world has ever seen.
Finally and perhaps most importantly, I will honor our veterans and provide them
with the care that they deserve. I will appoint an Executive Liason in every state
whose sole responsibility is to make sure that every veteran is receiving the benefits
and the care he or she was promised when he signed up. This person will be charged
with the responsibility of meeting with members of Congress and the military
leadership of every State, to ensure that not one veteran is slipping through the
cracks. When we needed them they were there for us, now it is our turn to be there
for them. I mean that and I will do it.
I ask for your support. Humbly, I ask. I am concerned about the direction of our
country. I am concerned for my children’s future and that of your children, too. I am perplexed by why it is that there is NO ONE on the debate stage who understands or
has been through the same challenges faced by the VAST MAJORITY of Americans
in the last eight years. Statistically, that does not compute. Why is there not one, who
has experienced the same challenges the rest of us have in the last eight years? It is
because the game is rigged. It is time to CHANGE THE GAME for the Better! For the
People! For the Future!
Thank you, I ask you sincerely for your support, for your commitment, for your
prayers and for your vote.
If you support what I am standing for, I ask you to join the founders of my campaign
and immediately send a check for $500, made out to Daniel Dyas for President 2016
to 23210 Highway 98, Fairhope, AL 36532.
Humbly in service to all,

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Events Transpiring Quickly in Egypt

I am getting very upset by what is happening in Egypt. It is time for the United States/ Barrack Obama to quit meddling in the business of this ally. President Mumbarak has heard the people in the streets and has heeded thier calls for his ouster by agreeing to not seek reelection. Ok, that was easy. I love it when the leaders listen to a popular uprising of the people. I haven't seen it happen here in the United States that often. But to Mr. Mumbarak's credit- he did. Good for him.

The strange thing is that now that he has made that commitment, the formerly peaceful demonstrations in Cairo have erupted into violent clashes in the streets. Greg Palkot of Fox News and his camera man, Olaf Wiig, were violently beaten two days ago as they tried to make thier way out of the city. Thank God they survived. Mr. Wiig described moments when he wondered if they would be the last of his life and likened the appearance of his back to "a piece of modern art" (maybe not the best analogy) from all of the cuts and bruises he recieved as he and Palkot tried to get out of Liberation Square with thier lives. The two men said that they were in the streets (apparently trying to leave) when they found themselves being accosted by a mob of people. Mr. Wiig thought quickly and said he looked for a person in the crowd who was clearly appalled by the violence. When he found that person, he grabbed onto his or her lapels and begged for help. He then commenced to lowering his head and pushing his way through the crowd, using his sympathizer as a sort of human shield. Palkot followed.

If the United States should have any involvement in the events transpiring in Egypt in the near future, it should consist of finding the man who helped these Western journalists (Palkot being American) get to safety and giving him a Medal of Honor. His actions deserve to be commended with the full esteem of the United States of America. By helping these men get to safety, he put his own life in danger and that of his family. These are the sort of people who are our allies. Not the ones throwing molitof coctails.

What happened next is most interesting and has been terribly underreported in the media. Pro-Mumbarak forces put the two journalists in the back of a jeep and got them out of the area. They were quickly blindfolded (because they were suspected of being spies) and carried to what I understood to be a police station of sorts. After having thier photos taken they were put in another vehicle and carried out of the city and to safety.

Unfortunately and to my extreme disappointlment, this event was terribly mischaracterized by many in the press, none more notable than the usually respectable Sean Hannity. I am disappointed in Hannity's reporting of the event because, to me it seemed to be a clear misprepresentation of the truth. Hannity said that "Palkot and Wigg had been attacked by Pro-Mumbarak protesters" and by saying that he misled millions of people about the truth as it exists in Egypt right now. The fact is, according to the interview of the two men, they were rescued by Pro-Mumbarak forces, and at least one hero who happened to be in the streets and came to thier aide.

The fact is: 90% of the injuries sustained were to thier backs and the backs of thier heads. As they pushed thier ways through the crowd of demostrators, they describered being continually beaten, punched, slapped, cut and stabbed. The perpetrators of these acts were the violent protesters, likely sympathisers of the muslim brotherhood. There is no way to tell who they were or what thier motives were, because both Palcot and Wiig had thier heads down and were bent over at the waist as they forced thier way through the unruly crowd. When they reached the safety of the Mumbarak forces, they were taken safely away and according to thier first hand account: treated relatively well and helped to escape the country.

Mr. Hannity should correct his comment from last night. These sorts of inaccuracies in reporting can shape public opinion based on false information and can be terribly destructive.

The situation as I understand it is as follows. There was a peaceful popular uprising demanding governmental reform and the ouster of President Mumbarak. He sent the military out to keep the peace, which they did succesfully. The cries from the streets became so loud that the whole world began to take note and President Mumbarak agreed that he, nor his son, would not seek reelection in this year's Presidential election. By this time, Prsident Obama and Hillary Clinton have each sent a half dozen different mixed signals about what our policy would be, Obama even going so far as calling for the President to step down. Hillary Clinton took a better, (although still questionable) approach and said we "want to see a predictable and peaceful transition to a new administration." Does that mean that the United States wants to choose the new President of Egypt? I don't know, but "predictable", somewhat implies that does it not?

It is too bad that Barrack Obama has to be such an idiot. He has really created a tremendous quagmire over there, in that he has lost all trust that President Mumbarak may have had in our Administration. We should have been behind him, quietly, as he agreed to not seek reelection. The protesters went home in large part at that point and many of them even came out in support of him. I can imagine that many of them came out to say "OK, Everybody, he has agreed not to run again! Let's not let this conflict fester to the point of civil war! Go home and we'll have an election in the fall!" That is exactly what I would have been saying anyway. But, no, Barrack just couldn't let it be. He had to call for an immediate departure from office and special elections to fill the office.

It is no coinicidence that about a week after the demonstrations began and just as soon as they began to subside following Mumbarak's announcement of not seeking reelection, the muslim brotherhood showed up on the scene and began instigating violence in the streets. The muslim brotherhood wants the violence to expand so that there will be an emergency election and in the chaos, one of thier own will likely gain control of the country.

The right way to handle the situation at this point is for the United States to reassure Mumbarak that we are behind him through the rest of his term and quietly encourage him to hush the muslim brotherhood as they try to instigate further violence. Of course, our President (a muslim sympathizer himself) would not ever do such a thing. He would not think of encouraging Mumbarak to remain in office and to quiet the muslim brotherhood extremists who have taken over the demonstrations, but he should.

If we could achieve this, the violence will subside and there will be a peaceful election in the fall. If the muslim brotherhood continues to perpetrate violence against its own people, the Egyptian people will be smart enough to see who is terrorizing them in thier own home, and the muslim brotherhood will be denied in its bid for power come fall. Now that is an orderly and predictable transition. There is no reason we should advoctate the circumvention of Egypt's Constituion and its electoral proces and in doing so give the muslim extremits a change to gain a stranglehold on Egypt, our ally's, government. That would be an  immeasurable blow to American and the entire Western World's interests worldwide for decades to come.

J. Daniel Dyas

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tragedy Strikes in Tucson, Arizona

On Saturday morning, the peace of beautiful Tucson, Arizona was violently broken with the sound of gun fire as a maddened man who deserves no further mention took out his apparent rage on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and a crowd who had gathered for a meeting with their congresswoman. There were six killed in the attack and numerous others injured. Congresswoman Giffords, the target of the attack, remains in critical condition.

Among those killed was a precious nine year old little girl, who had come to learn about our country's government. It is absolutely heart breaking to hear this. This little girl was so innocent (as were all of the victims) and it is unimaginable that someone would want to hurt such a precious thing as a beautiful little girl.

Also killed was a pastor, a man who gave his life to the service of our Lord. What a shame. One can only assume that he is now enjoying his eternal reward. Lord, rest his soul.

Another of the fatalities was that of United States District Judge John McCarthy Roll. Judge Roll was by all accounts a wonderful man. He was a conservative judge who has devoted his life to the service of his fellow man through his devotion to justice. I know that Judge Roll was a Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus, meaning he was Catholic and devoted to the pricnipals of Life and family. It saddens me greatly that we have lost such a wonderful man. There are too few like him and he will be missed greatly by many, many people.

I pray that Representative Giffords recovers from her injuries and is able to return to her service in our nation's capital. It has been reported by many of her colleagues, on both sides of the aisle, that she is a devoted public servant who spends countless hours working to meet the needs of her constituents and has a unique ability to work productively with all of her colleagues, regardless of party affiliation. I pray for her speedy recovery.

Considering the extent of her injuries, I am amazed and inspired at how well she appears to be doing according to the reports being released through the University of Arizona Medical Center. I was most impressed by Dr. Rhee and the Medical Staff at the University Medical Center yesterday with thier handling of the number of cases they had, particularly considering the severity of many of them. They have been perfectly professional in the handling of the situation, and the work they have performed on Congresswoman Giffords has resulted in a (however early) recovery that is nothing short of miraculous. God is capable of anything and sometimes he uses people to do His work. In this case I believe beyond any doubt that He has guided these doctors and granted them the healing touch that they needed to save Gabrielle Giffords.

In closing I will say that it saddenes me greatly to see violence in our streets, anytime, particularly so when it involves circumstances such as this. Our nation was founded by some of the bravest men in the history of mankind. They stood up to tyranny so that we could enjoy peace and prosperity. They were wise enough to bequeath to us a beautifully crafted system of government which, given the willingness and the interest of the People, there need not ever be another day of civil unrest on this country's soil. Violence is not the answer. It achieves nothing. Love, faith and mutual respect are the answer.

Yes, we must fight to protect our freedoms and regain those we have lost. At the same time, we must repudiate disgusting acts of violence such as the one we witnessed this weekend. Our founding fathers laid down thier lives for our freedom, to ensure that given the wherewithall we need never see another day of bloodshed in this great nation. For us to not be involved in our government is to not be appreciative of that sacrifice which they so magnanamously made for us.

Thomas Jefferson, one of the greatest among them is remembered as saying:

"The greatest threat to our viable republic is a disinterested citizenry."

Not that this quote needs any interpretation, but in other words: If our nation is to survive in its intended form, we, the people, must be involved in our government. It is not someone else's responsibility. It is yours and it is mine.

That is why I ran for office. That is why you should consider running for office. It takes US. It is not some unattainable class of ruling elite, who should be running our nation's government. It is everyday people like you and me.

That is what saddens me most about the tragedy that took place on Saturday morning in Tucson, Arizona. The lives which were ended and those that were affected were people just like us. They were also people who cared enough about thier country to get involved in its government. They were people who got up on Saturday morning to go meet thier Congresswoman. They were people who had devoted thier lives to the service of others. And worse yet, some were people whose lives had barely even gotten started yet.

It is a tragedy. I pray the People of The United States will truly begin to take an active interest in our government. If that happens, mutual respect will begin to blossom and we will see a shift in policy away from the stalemate of partisan politcs and towards productive conservative legislation.

The United States at its core is a conservative nation founded on Judeo-Christain values. If we, The People, take back our government, through peaceful means, by simply being involved in it; these values will be reflected in the policies established.

Lord, rest the souls of the faithfully departed and give comfort and healing to the injured and the families of all involved.