Monday, November 29, 2010

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks Lay Waste to US Diplomatic Efforts

What are we going to do with this guy!? Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks website continue to undermine the interests of the United States by exposing thousands of our classified documents to the world. Simply put: if these documents were meant to be seen by the public, they wouldn't be classified.

Let me get this straight, we invest billions of our dollars and God-knows how many American lives in diplomacy, establishing and strengthening our intersts worldwide, and we are going to let this Assange character undermine it all!?! That seems assanine.

How does he get access to this information? Either somebody is disclosing it to him, or he is hacking our computers. If the former is true: we should find these people, strip them of thier rank and throw them in jail for treason! If its the latter: one would think with the immense technological expertise of the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and numerous other federal buracracies, someone could either trace the hacker, or secure our computers. Why are these things not happening?

The last quote I heard prior to the most recent leak was that by leaking this next group of documents, Assange "would have blood on his hands." Does that not make him an enemy of the state and worthy of his very own CIA operative? Can we not track him down and destroy his website? If these things are not possible I think he should be made the victim of an untimely "accident".

I know the mighty United States of America must have the resources to deal with such a problem. The fact that we aren't dealing with it properly leads me to one conclusion, however trite or cliche' as it may sound:
The Commander in Chief doesn't have the best interest of our country at heart. He doesn't have the best interest of us, the tax-paying People of the United States at heart. He wants to "level the playing field" between the United States and other nations and will do so by wasting billions of our hard earned dollars on diplomacy that will now prove to have been all for naught. These are dollars earned while away from our wives and children working to provide for our families.

Every dollar he wastes takes food off of a table and a mother or father out of a home. These dollars don't come for free. They must be earned. They are earned by parents who work jobs to provide for thier families. By working they are taken out of thier homes and away from their children, who greatly need thier influence. Oh but it gets better. The more he wastes, the more time mommy and daddy are away from thier children. Thus leaving the children to be raised by the television and other liberal media influences, influencing the development of our children's generation and indoctirinating them through liberal media and pop culture influence. Maybe this is why he is wasting our money.

All of that being said, it is time for us, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, to stand up and get motivated. For the sake of our children and thier children, we must fight against the liberalization of America. We must take up our political signs and stickers and put a CONSERVATIVE President in the Whitehouse in 2012. A conservative president would not tolerate Julian Assange undermining this country.

I hope that the president we have now will put an end to this Assange's actions very soon (one way or another). The United States can not afford for its diplomatic efforts to be wasted and we should not tolerate American lives being placed in peril because of this man's actions, and beginning today we should do whatever is necessarry to prevent it from happening again.