Monday, March 9, 2009

Steele- Limbaugh Drama at RNC Could Have a Positive Ending

Right now, the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement is running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off, worrying about how they can do to draw back the support of the common American man and ultimately regain control over the direction of our nation.

There is a power vacuum in the party right now, so much so that we have allowed the Obama machine to create a soap opera of this so called Rush Limbaugh/ Michael Steele drama. It is so bogus. But the TV networks have gotten a hold of it and now it is portraying the Conservative Movement in America as a ship without a rudder or even worse a ship with two captains. Every one knows a ship can only have one captain, and Michael Steele is the Captain at the RNC. Its as simple as that.

Thats not to say that Michael Steele is a natural born leader. He is a leader by virtue of the fact that the RNC bestowed on him the title of "Chairman", in essence asking him to lead the party. It seems to me that the RNc was so damn eager to try to match the DNC's black man on the ticket- they put Michael Steele in charge of the party. And whatever- Thats great that there is an African American at the helm of the RNC. I think it is wonderful that we have reached that level of racial equality in our nation, but it just seems that the RNC was trying to keep up with the Democrats by making that move. Don't get me wrong: Micheal Steele is as intelligent as the day is long and as conservative as one ought to be. The problem is this: he is not a natural born leader- the charismatic type- the obama type- the Rush Limbaugh type. The type of man that when he speak people have a natural tendency to stop and listen to what he has to say. This is why as long as he is the "voice" of the party, the party will not recover.

Rush IS a natural born leader (not to mention the fact that he is a nationally syndicated radio personality-that helps too...and he got there because he is a leader), so the constituency of the party and those who may be interested in what the party has to say naturally want to listen to Rush. The best thing Micheal Steele could do is ask Rush to accept a role as the official "Voice" of the party- They could make him the RNC Spokesman. He could be kind of like the Ted Nugent of the RNC- only a little more civilized and a lot more widely accepted.

Steele has the wits to know what the party needs, Rush has the following and the leadership to bring the party back together. Steele is the Chairman- Rush would be the Spokesman- now that is a winning solution.

God Bless America,
Daniel Dyas