Thursday, December 23, 2010

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1 comment:

Seeker said...

You seem like a sincere guy. Let's see if you have the fortitude to admit if you were mistaken or misled.

I was a Fairtax fan at first too. Don't feel bad. It sure sounds great.

Fairtax has fine print that is pretty surprising. Read this:

"Under our plan, all city and state governments will pay to the federal government a tax on all their spending -- on all their purchases, on services and goods, including labor (wages)."

Fairtax -The Truth. Answering the Critics. Page 138, by Neal Boortz.

Have you ever heard Fairtax say city and state governments would have to pay massive taxes?

No. Of course you never have. It's barely mentioned.

Do they explain how California or NY or Texas or Florida state governments would pay this?? Where would state and city government have to GET the money to pay this?

No. They barely mentioned it at all.

A massive tax on city and state governments?? Surely that is taken out of context.

No -- Fairtax Fairtax spokensman have defended this massive tax on city and state governments (see my blog, a discussion with a fairtax spokesnman.)

You may think everyone will pay the same with Fairtax?

Oh really?

Suppose your financial twin brother lives next door to you,and has the same job, same income, ect.

But you develop leukemia. He does not.

Your federal tax could EASILY be 100,000, because leukemia is a very expensive illness. So YOU pay 140K in fairtaxes, he pays 40K.

You may think, well that's easy, just exempt medical costs.

Can't. Fairtax math is based on collecting this tax from every person, and every city, and every state.

Remember, Fairtax has said that ANY exemptions, at all, render the plan moot. "If there are any exemptions, then it's not Fairt" Fairtax leaders have said.

When Boortz Fairtax described the tax on medical cost -- guess what example they used? A ten DOLLAR tax on an office visit!! Ten dollars!

It would be ten dollars only if the office visit cost 35 dollars. Office visits haven't been 35 dollars since JFK was president.

They did not use an example of 190,000$ heart surgery. Now you know why.

Better ask yourself WHY this massive new tax is in their fine print. And in their fine print only.

WHy not mention such a huge tax in the first chapter? The first page?

Better ask how can poor people pay this tax? Oh Fairtax says the prebate -- but the prebate is 200 a month. That's it. It doesnt go up a dime if you get cancer.

200 dollars per month to everyone, that is supposed to fix Fairtax to make sure no one is taxed on "necessities of life" -- but cancer care is a necessity. So is emergency by pass surgery.

And here is another thing about that prebate. 200 dollars every month to EVERYONE =200 x 12 x 320 million is what? 744 billion dollars. Got that?

744 billion! Just for the PREBATE!! And they don't count that as an expense!!

Plus, they hide the massive new tax on city and state governments!

Honestly, Fairtax is more of a study in gullibility and hucksterism.