Monday, December 6, 2010

Judicial Reform and Divorce in Alabama

It is high time that in addition to ethics reform, we institute some judicial reform in the State of Alabama.

For the last two years, my wife and I have been victims of our judicial system. We have been pitted against each other by lawyers and the legal system for fear of losing our children to one another. We are not alone in this either. Many, many Alabamians have been through this very same traumatic experience. Its unfortunate, it is unnecessary and perhaps most importantly: I believe it is unconstitutional.

There is no more basic instinct in the mind of a parent than his or her desire to protect his or her children. Unfortunately, this often results in disagreements between parents in how they believe the children should be raised and the values which should be instilled in them. All to often, these disagreements ultimately materialize into what is now referred to as "irreconcilable differences".

That term is the biggest crock of shit I think I have ever heard, pardon my French, but I am more than a little bit passionate about this subject matter. This way of looking at marriage, as being soluble and able to be broken for convenience sake is damaging our country and our children beyond measure. There is no such thing as "irreconcilable differences". I can say this because my marriage has reached the breaking point, been through two years of divorce trials, and I continue to pray for reconciliation with my wife.

I have realized, through prayer, that it is not all her fault, as I once believed. In fact I now realize that if I had listened to her and valued her opinion more and respected her emotions more, then our marriage may have never gotten to the broken state that it did. That being said, God can heal all things and he continues to work in my life by changing my heart and changing my relationship with my wife as he does.

I am not saying that I am solely responsible for the things that happened. I am saying that I know I played a part and I could have been a better husband. My ability to admit my faults, opens the door to change. Hopefully we are both on this road towards becoming better people. If not, that is ok, I can only be responsible for myself and I choose to love my wife, regardless of what she has done or will do, good or bad, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, till death. That is the marriage vow isn't it?

Last time I checked, a Marriage is a vow between Man, Wife and their God. Does Government even have a place in marriage? I don't think so. I think that the state's governance of marriages is just a way to tax the people for exercising their Religion by requiring a marriage license.

Now it has gotten to the point that the judicial system has made an even bigger business out of divorcing people, once again, when the judiciary has no place in marriage (except in upholding our right to marry, and exercise our faith by doing so). The only people who benefit from this system are the lawyers, who surprisingly enough, are the ones who wrote the laws that established this system.

These divorce lawyers foster a sentiment of distrust between the husband and wife which further prevents any sort of reconciliation. They milk their clients until they cannot pay another cent. They manipulate the party's fear and turn them against each other in such a way that makes reconciliation all but impossible. They even go so far as to encourage the parties to make allegations against each other and foster conflict that can be damaging to their clients and their families for the rest of their lives.

They do this to their benefit and at the expense of countless defenseless children, whose parents have been pitted against each other in court rooms where they stand to lose what is most important to them, their children, so they feel they have no option, but to fight.

I believe it is time for the conservatives among us, to stand up to this government who has gotten out of control and is interfering with our lives and injecting itself into our religious practices, where it has no place. We must put conservative judges on the bench. I mean real conservative judges who will stand up for and protect the religious nature of marriage, not just cover their asses by letting these trials drag on and on and on, benefiting no one but the lawyers who put them in office.

For that matter, I think we should put more regular folks on the bench and into elected office. I don't think we need lawyers writing our laws anymore because historically the laws they have written have protected the members of their trade, more than the rest of us. That isn't right.

One shouldn't have to be a lawyer to be a judge or to hold any office. He should have demonstrated a commitment to justice, a sound mind and values in line with those of The People (all which can be determined by the electorate) but being a lawyer shouldn't be a requirement. The point I am getting at is this: let's put regular folks on the bench into elected office. They'll look out for the regular folks through their ruling and their governing. Allowing our state and our judiciary to be run by lawyers has only benefited one group of people: lawyers.

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