Monday, July 6, 2009

Baldwin County Commission- Candidacy Announcement

July 6, 2009

Dear Friends:

I hope you and your families are all having a great Summer and had a nice 4th of July Holiday!

Today is July 6, 2009. Open Campaigning for the 2010 election cycle began a month ago and for me, it is decision time. For over a year now, I have been involving myself heavily in our county's long-term planning process and considering running for the Baldwin County Commission in 2010. I think my candidacy for County Commission could make a major, positive difference in the future of Baldwin County and even that of our state.

This is a significant crossroads and I know I must choose wisely. I do believe the time is now. Our nation finds itself at a critical moment in history where we are thirsting for young and fresh leadership. The conservative movement is stagnating. There must be a new generation of leadership in our nation's conservative movement or our values will continue to whither on the vine and be forgotten.

Hence, I endeavor to seek the Republican nomination for the Baldwin County Commission District #2 seat, and ultimately the seat itself, in 2010. If elected, I will commence to enacting a Transferable Development Rights policy in each district of our county that has chosen, or chooses in the future, to come under the authority of The Baldwin County Planning and Zoning Department. By enacting this "TDR" policy, we will protect our farmers and our county's citizens from continued loss of valuable farmlands and greenspace, thus ensuring the continued quality of life and scenic beauty, which we enjoy today in Baldwin County.

One of the beauties of a TDR program is its optional nature. No one is forced to participate, farmer or developer. It is a market driven system that allows farmers and rural land owners to sell the development rights (TDR Credits) from their rural land and transfer them to a more urban or appropriate site for development. After selling the TDR Credits the rural landowner does not sacrifice anything but the ability to develop his land in the future. He continues to enjoy the benefit of using, selling or bequeathing his land to his heirs. By using this system, we will foster "Smart Growth" and discourage inappropriate suburban sprawl.

Over the past two years, I have involved myself in our county's planning process. I contributed to the development of "Horizon 2025", Baldwin County's Comprehensive Plan which will guide our growth in the coming fifteen years. During the initial public input sessions hosted by the planing department and the Genesis Group, I suggested to the group that TDRs be used as a growth management tool, giving rural landowners another option (besides selling their property outright or leveraging their land with a bank) when making decisions relating to cashing in equity in their assets. I continued to be involved the process of developing the Comprehensive Plan and ultimately was successful in getting the TDRs included in it.

If I am elected to the Baldwin County Commission:

- I will see to the completion of this effort and enact a TDR program in Baldwin County that will ensure out county's continued scenic beauty, and the sustainability of the rural lifestyle, which many of our residents enjoy.

- Many of our rural landowners will enjoy having the option of selling their TDRs.

- The development community will have a new tool to use, which will encourage continued sustainable economic growth.

- We will all continue to enjoy the fresh local produce grown on Baldwin County farms over the coming century and beyond.

- We will enjoy improved water quality in out rivers and bays as a result of consolidated growth into villages and hamlets.

- We will experience reduced need for transportation infrastructure and reduced traffic, as new residential populations begin to consolidate into the "Receiving Area" of villages and rural hamlets, increasing walkability and pedestrian lifestyles.

- We will enjoy cleaner air as the need for vehicular travel becomes less prevalent and pedestrian living more so.

- We will continue to enjoy the diversity of species, (flora and fauna) which we still do today

There are other issues facing our county in the coming years, but I think that growth management is the most prevalent in terms of long term effect on the quality of life for Baldwin County's citizens today and that of its future generations. If growth is not managed well, and I contend that here to for it has not been, our county could suffer irreparable damage. If this is allowed to happen, the Baldwin County in which our children and grandchildren will live, will not share the same beautiful and scenic characteristics of the Baldwin County in which we live today.

Thank you for taking some time to read this email. I hope you will contact me to discuss my candidacy and ultimately, help me with the campaign and winning the election!

For the Future of Baldwin County!

Your Friend,

J. Daniel Dyas
DYAS Construction Management, LLC
23210 US Hwy 98
Fairhope, AL 36532

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